Well folks, here’s a little something I’ve been working on with my boyfriend and two of our friends; we’re putting on a free gig in December!

The night is called Sól Vs Stomp-O-Rama. Sól is a psytrance night run by my good friend Chris Quinn for various charities (we usually help out with decorations y’see) and I haven’t missed a single Sól night because they’re just so awesome! Great people, great atmosphere, fantastic music…it’s a guaranteed great night if you like psytrance.

For a while now, myself, my boyfriend Aidan and our friend Steve have been hankering to put on a gig that’d cater for the dubstep, breaks and drum ‘n’ bass fans, so we teamed up with Chris and hey, would you look at that, we’re putting on a dubstep/breaks/drum ‘n’ bass verus psytrance night! A Battle of the Genres if you will.

Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you fine folks is this: it’s a free gig, so if you’re around Dublin on December 11th and you’re looking for something to do, then scamper your way to the Odeon at 9pm, go upstairs, (give a little donation if you like!) and just have a good time!

To persuade you even more, here’s a flyer that myself and Aidan made together:

Sól Vs Stomp-O-Rama

Sól Vs Stomp-O-Rama

In case you’re wondering, Saor in Aisce is Irish for “admit one” 😀


Facebook: (My facebook is acting weird, just do a search for Sól!)
Bebo: www.bebo.com/solatnight
MySpace: myspace.com/solatnight

Hope to see you there!