A photographer and artist at heart, I’m also a firm believer in being a wielder of Karma. A free-hugging hippy if you will, I’m good natured and can find fun in a lot of things.
Although some would probably call me as easily amused as a kitten in a room full of tin foil.
My creative nature allows me to express myself in many ways, like dancing, photographing, painting, making, creating, inventing and a whole plethora of other activities.
Things I dislike: rudeness, lack of manners, boredom.
While I believe in freedom of speech, you don’t have be to be an asshole about it.
Things I like: photographing, my friends, reading, painting, thinking, walking, movies, music, festivals, being creative, dancing my heart out, poi (glow, flag and fire), comedy, going to gigs, doing group art collaborations with my friends and a lot of other stuff.

As it happens, I’m also a bit of a nerd and can’t seem to leave the working world of computers. I’ve travelled long and wide across the seas of the Int3rw3b (see, I even know a bit of 733t) and been addicted to StumbleUpon for a number of years so yes, I’ve seen…strange and fascinating things.
Still, don’t let that stop you from sending me links!
That’s my ramble done for now!