Some of my friends are also incredibly talented too so here’s some links that’ll hopefully inspire you the same way it inspires me.

Coming soon: I’ll be adding digital art covers for these mixes and I’m currently learning some mad VJ skillz so I can make full length videos and visualisations for club nights.

  • DJ Ganjdalf (DubTHC on YouTube):

Free mixes for download:

Links to DubTHC’s Youtube:

Dubstep Mix 1:

Dubstep Mix 2:

Dubstep Mix 3:

Dubstep Mix 4:

Dubstep Mix 5:

DUBTHC on Soundcloud

Shatterfreak on SoundCloud

  • Ganjdalf and Shatterfreak come together to make BASSINNERS!

Drum And What?:

Neck Breaker:

Nintendub: This is honestly one of my all time favourite dubstep mixes to listen to. Anyone who can mix dubstep and the theme tune of “Unsolved Mysteries” is a legend in his/her own right!

More to come!