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Well folks, here’s a little something I’ve been working on with my boyfriend and two of our friends; we’re putting on a free gig in December!

The night is called Sól Vs Stomp-O-Rama. Sól is a psytrance night run by my good friend Chris Quinn for various charities (we usually help out with decorations y’see) and I haven’t missed a single Sól night because they’re just so awesome! Great people, great atmosphere, fantastic music…it’s a guaranteed great night if you like psytrance.

For a while now, myself, my boyfriend Aidan and our friend Steve have been hankering to put on a gig that’d cater for the dubstep, breaks and drum ‘n’ bass fans, so we teamed up with Chris and hey, would you look at that, we’re putting on a dubstep/breaks/drum ‘n’ bass verus psytrance night! A Battle of the Genres if you will.

Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you fine folks is this: it’s a free gig, so if you’re around Dublin on December 11th and you’re looking for something to do, then scamper your way to the Odeon at 9pm, go upstairs, (give a little donation if you like!) and just have a good time!

To persuade you even more, here’s a flyer that myself and Aidan made together:

Sól Vs Stomp-O-Rama

Sól Vs Stomp-O-Rama

In case you’re wondering, Saor in Aisce is Irish for “admit one” 😀

Facebook: (My facebook is acting weird, just do a search for Sól!)

Hope to see you there!


Looking for some new music to listen to? Intrigued by that new sound that’s called Dubstep? Well then, I’ve got a treat for you.

I’ve added a new tab on my blog (as well as giving the blog a bit of a makeover and making it more personalised) called Mixes, Music, Videos and if you scamper over there you’ll find some free mixes to download and some links to videos too. Now, I know this is a blog about things that I’ve made but my friends are talented and I’m involved in the design side of things so I’ve included them here. So nyah 😀

No doubt I’ll be adding more mixes and links but I’ll also start adding some of my involvement too, such as cover designs, visualisations and whatever else comes to mind.

Well, that’s all from me tonight, have a good weekend!

(By the way, the new picture on the header is a Laputa robot that I made out of modelling clay. I just wanted to let you know that it was something made by me, that’s all. Oh, and if you have no clue what a Laputa robot is, then go watch “Laputa –  Castle In The Sky” by Studio Ghibli!)