This is just a brief post.

Some of you Internet travellers may have seen the photos of a girl with writing all over her skin. Her name is Ariana Page Russell and she has a skin condition called dermographia (which is a bit of a loose term). The link is here:

Well, I have a similar, if not the same, condition which is called urticaria. It’s basically hives all over my body and it’s immensely painful and itchy. I take a lot of antihistamines and use lotion but it still returns a few hours later. It doesn’t really affect the things I do but I’ve almost torn my skin to shreds at times.

Recently, I wondered if I could do the same thing as that girl Ariana did with her skin.

It turns out I can but it’s not an experiment I’ll try again. It upsets my boyfriend so I’ve promised him that after taking one photo that I would stop.

So, here you are, the one and only photo that I will take of my urticaria.

Ouch My Leg

Ouch My Leg

Yes, I messed it up but it does spell ouch!