Yeah, I know. It’s appalling that it’s been so long since my last update but I’ve got a very good reason.  Since I last wrote, I’ve actually been working extremely hard in one of Dublin’s most famous universities. Basically I’m part of an IT  team that’s upgrading the servers and my job entails a lot of meeting interesting people, upgrade their accounts and visit their offices. I’ve been in pretty cool and awesome places and I wish I could have taken photos in a lot of them. I’ve been in two actual factual labs (complete with having to put on those lab suits and having to go through one of those air cleanser shower things, just like you see in the movies!), a mansion, 3 hospitals, a conservation library and countless offices.

So, as you can imagine, after all of that excitement and running around, I tend to be a bit tired after work and therefore cannot muster up any energy for crafting. But fear not, for my weekends are filled with a crazed desire for sewing and I have actually been working on a lot of stuff. (I just hadn’t gotten around to taking photos.)

So, here’s a plethora of stuff that I’ve done in the last 6 months:

Fabric bracelets

These are fun to make, very easy to do!

I also got on the pincushion buzz too:

I’ve also managed to make my very first messenger bag, woo! Thanks to this handy tutorial, I now have a very funky and secure bag!

Sorry the pictures aren’t great but the light was dimming and it was hard to get shots.

That’s all the blogging I can do for now, I’m tired. Laters!