Sorry about that, I’ve been pretty excited about that. I’ll back up and explain a little.

Before my mam became a missus and a mother, she used to be a seamstress in a factory (not in that Discworld “Guild of Seamstresses” sort of way). After she left her job, she continued to make outfits for various occasions. She made my communion dress, a flowergirl dress and 2 debs dresses. (For all non-Irish-school-attended-people, a Debs is sorta like a prom, but it usually happens a few months after leaving school.) Of course, all of that was for me, I can’t even think of how many other dresses and outfits she’s made for several other people.

So you’d think that my mam would have taught me how to use a sewing machine from a youngish age but no. I never really found out why (maybe she was afraid I’d break it?) so I learnt to sew by hand. Which is all fine and well for a while but a sewing machine is far superior to hand sewing. So, off I toddled to Dunnes Stores to pick up a cheap one and after much cursing, practising, slightly more cursing and finally re-reading the manual, I finally figured out to master it!

NOW you can see why I got excited!

Anyways, today I present you with my latest skills:

Totoro from the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro

Totoro from the Studio Ghibli movie "My Neighbour Totoro"

Greetings fellow allergists! You may recognise the next creature!

Snot Monster will devour all of your tissues!

Snot Monster will devour all of your tissues!

The next two were made for my boyfriend who REALLY wants an army of monkeys. I’m doing the best I can with recycled materials such as old tshirts and whatnot but don’t you worry my love, you will have your army!

BW Bush

BW Bush

This monkey’s talents lie in being a Class 1 Distract-O-Mime. Ever been distracted by a mime? No? Well, you will be. How can you resist? It’s a miming monkey! Oh noes, ambushed again!

Ninja Monkey - deadliest of all ninjas!

Ninja Monkey - deadliest of all ninjas!

I managed to get a picture of this secretive simian while he was posing but as soon as he heard the “click” of the camera, he was gone! Now who knows where he could be…

I do have more plans for Aido’s Monkey Army! Many more plans, but I won’t tell you what they are yet (in case they turn out badly!) but guaranteed, I will post more pictures!