Today I’m going to show you some of my photographs that I’m quite pleased with.

November 2007 - "Sun Rise Light"

February 2009 - "Trails"

June 2008 - "Beautiful Morning"

February 2009 - "Swan"

December 2007 - "My dog Sammy"

September 2006 - "Sleeping Narnia"

February 2009 - "Egyptian Necklace"

February 2009 - "Moon"

March 2009 - "Misty Cherry Trees"

November 2008 - "Frozen Leaves"

November 2008 - "Walking To Work" (UCD)

November 2008 - "Moon Over Sea"

March 2009 - Misty Cherry Flower

March 2009 - "Misty Cherry Flower"

That’s all for now. I tend to be quite critical of my work so there’s not many in this list (that and I have over 20gbs of photos which I’m not prepared to go though each and every photo!). The rest of my stuff can be found on my Flickr and DeviantArt page if you’d like to take a look! (My Flickr page is updated more often than DA.)

If you are having a look at my photos, check out my papercraft and art sets to see what else I can do!